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When to Call for Emergency HVAC Service?

For most HVAC issues, you can wait until regular service hours to make a call to a technician. However, there are some instances where you might wonder if it is caused to call for emergency service. With emergency HVAC repair, you get instant response no matter the time of day, but you will have to pay extra for it. As such, you want to make sure the issue merits it. If you have the following, you may benefit from emergency service.

In many cases, non-function still may not be cause for emergency service unless the temperatures are dangerously high or low. If it is the middle of a heat wave, below freezing, or you have someone that may be sensitive to extreme temperature changes, those are all good reasons to call for emergency service if your HVAC has gone out completely.

If you smell gas odors or your carbon monoxide alarm has gone off, you will want to leave the house immediately and call the gas service as well as emergency service from your HVAC company if it is deemed to come from your system. These leaks are very dangerous, and you cannot use your system until they are addressed.

Electrical Issues
When your HVAC keeps tripping the breaker, is buzzing, or has started sparking, it is a serious issue and may become a fire hazard. As such, you will want to call for emergency service so that it doesn't become hazardous.

Loud Noises
A noisy furnace or AC unit is always caused to call for service, but if things become very loud, disruptively so, you may want to call for emergency service. You should discontinue use immediately as whatever is causing the loud noise can likely do more damage as you continue to use the system. You want to keep the damage done as minimal as possible until it can be repaired.